07 Sep 2015
Israel throws migrants into prison. Germany welcomes migrants with an open heart.

Germany is the leading nation in Europe in opening doors and offering help to migrants from war torn countries. They are helping hundreds of thousands of migrants and encouraging other European nations to do more and help more.

On the other hand, if you see Israel ... it was the first one to start building a wall around its perimeter so that migrants cannot enter its premises. The few ten thousands that have entered Israel are being treated like animals. They are locked up in prison for the only crime of asking help from Israel. And the rest are being forcibly deported to African countries.

This present behavior is a strong contradiction to Israel's claim that Germans were voilent and they abused Jews. If Germans were rude ... if they were abusive ... if they were torturing and killing people ... tell me, how come are they the most generous in support of people fleeing war? How come are they most kind, most generous and most supportive of people facing war? The present shows the lies of yesterday.

Love you Germany!

Here is how Israel treats migrants from other countries:

Israeli Local Leaders: Remove Refugee Tents. We want our park back!

Israeli Activist: I am proud to be a racist. And it is our right to be racist.

Racism against refugees: Throw the Sudanese off the bus!

The Israeli Parliament: Introduces a new law to imprison refugees for upto 3 years without trial.

Israeli Politicians inciting riots against refugees.

Israeli MP: Refugees are a cancer in our body!


And here is how Germany treats migrants from other countries:

Angela Merkel Calls on Europe to Unite on Migration Crisis

The Germany Army sets up tents for refugees.

"Welcome to Germany" - People applaud and greet migrants with gifts as they arrive in Munich

Warm welcome for migrants in Germany

German ships rescue more migrants in Mediterranean

Germany says it could take 500,000 refugees every year


Disguised groups that work in favor of Israeli interests

There are some Neo-Nazi groups in Germany that are creating problems for migrants. Jews excel in disguise ... they enter other cultures and religions and do radical things. The design of these Neo Nazi groups seems to be more in line with the demonization of Hitler by the Jewish led Soviet Union. They may just create some cranky organization with some weirdoes who will claim to be Neo Nazi ... but they could be nothing but disguised elements supported by Jewish interests. Something like ISIS ... ISIS is supposed to be "Islamic State" ... widely promoted in the media to demonize Islam and justify wars on gulf countries. But if you see ... ISIS has absolutely no connection with anything Islamic ... in fact it is carrying out everything that would be in favor of Israel.

Tell me ... the whole country is in chaos ... several countries are bombing ISIS in Iraq ... but somehow the regions controlled by Kurds are peaceful enough to supply Israel with 3/4th of its national oil requirement. Tell me, how is this possible in a country filled with chaos ... unless this chaos is managed by Israel itself.

How Israel is losing when migrants get refuge in Europe

These Neo Nazi groups are only trying to tarnish Germany's fantastic image in the world created by the support it is offering to these migrants. In fact, the same abusive treatment to migrants was provided in Israel. Israel is losing on two fronts by these migrants getting refuge in Germany. Firstly, it wanted to create chaos in the Muslim world and destroy their lives ... but voila! The same very Muslims that Israel wanted to destroy are getting a wonderful opportunity to settle in Germany, the leading nation in Europe. Secondly, migrant's peaceful settlement in Germany casts a bad image on Israel. Because Jewish politicians are all about how bad, radical and crazy Muslims are. Their whole "War on Terror" is designed based upon demonizing Islam. And if you lend out a helping hand to these migrants then you shake the very foundation of this War on Terror. You are not supposed to help Muslims but you are supposed to bomb and kill them. That's the funda of War on Terror. And Germany is doing totally the opposite.

That's the reason even before these migrants entered Europe they started demonizing their movement ... calling it Islamization of Europe ... Europe is losing its identity ... Europe is being destroyed. The flow of these migrants, the desperation of their help ... only shows that Muslims are everyday simple human beings ... who only want to get along with their lives. That's what hundreds of thousands of migrants are showing to Europe. And this is in stark contradiction to the ideology marketed by the War on Terror in the Western world.